Theo, the Mountain Geezer

theo small
Theo in his favorite chair.

Let us tell you a story about a man. A man who’s 64 years old but can still stem more weight than most young men in their bloom. A man who grew up as the son of a wealthy Belgium entrepreneur who taught him how to work with any material you can think of: wood, stone, leather, … A man who grew up as the son of a nature-loving mother who owned a farm in the South of Spain and taught him the language of dogs and horses and the secret whispers of plants.

His name is Theo.

Theo deeply impressed us and made our stay on his farm in Andalusia as memorable as it was. Let’s say he truly was that extra pinch of cinnamon in our morning porridge. That extra dab of cream on top of a warm apple crumble. That extra … ah never mind, I guess you know where I’m going with this. Keep reading to learn more about our stay with him and be fascinated…


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